11​.​30​.​18 - Portsmouth, NH - 3S Artspace

by Skyfoot

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released December 4, 2018


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Skyfoot Boston, Massachusetts

Skyfoot is a powerful jam-rock quartet from Boston, MA. Now in their 8th year, the band has played over 450 shows all across the US. Live shows feature original songs that yield memorable improvised peaks and valleys. If you enjoy the sounds of Phish, Grateful Dead, you’ll be very happy you discovered Skyfoot. ... more


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Track Name: Tupelo
30,000 miles rolling on the train
The King’s a calling get me out of the grave
The wait is worthwhile and with a touch of grace
He smiles and waves to the big parade

Tickets in their hands this Americana band
Devils and angels take the throne
Golden strings and a microphone
Call in the coyotes I’m comin’ home

I’m going back Tupelo

Jimmy’s in the band bangin’ with his hands
I’m on my knees like I’m praising god
Mississippi man traveling the land
You know my heart is going to run roughshod

Nevermore a ghost I’m forever for the show
One last chance to go down crossroads
He’ll I’ve got to try it’s the devil in disguise
Soon as the king starts to moan
Track Name: What'cha Gonna Do (When It's All Gone)
Well you know got it this time I feel it in my bones
Just one more roll and then I can go home
You don’t gotta stay but I sure as hell will
Will stay all night long till I’ve had my fill

What’cha gonna do when it’s all gone, what’cha gonna do

Never in the same spot for too long follow the wind like a song
Brings you to the ground and before you know it it’s all gone
This life it ain’t no good but then again well none of them are
Treat numbers like a gospel and odds like-a the stars

You come up and then down like a oil rig from the ground
Ain’t no such thing as winning it’s just a pendulum swingin’ around
Says he got a mind to roll the dice well bud what is your name
All your whole life long has been leading you to this here game
Track Name: Hurdy Gurdy
Why am I here shouldn’t I be someone else?
The beacon shone through I held it in my hand used to call it on demand
Nowadays I can't even hardly get through like a dream that wasn't true
Forest thicket greens spinnin light through the trees blows a nightmare breeze into a deep freeze

To be afraid of your own flesh I go forth in search for the quest
With a mirth and confidence of the king of Bangladesh I rode blindly on through
The creatures all standin’ around they told me what to do I climbed the hill toward a crest
Purple cactus beams grow out from the trees made it clear as they expressed the universe suggests
Track Name: Maybe So
It’s night but you just can’t sleep
Cryin’ but you just can’t weep
And the dog days of summer are gone
Days are gone, days are gone
Look inside my friend
Turn yourself back on
Cause the light you have ain’t gone
It ain’t gone, no the light ain’t gone

Just wanna let you know - YA
Don’t wanna let you go - NO
Don’t let darkness get too low - MAYBE SO
We can see the light

If you want I will be right there
If you don’t I will disappear
Baby make up your mind maybe one last time
Like the rain when the sky is clear
If love ain’t gonna happen for me
Than it sure better happen for you
Lucky to find, stumbling blind
Your light to get me through
Track Name: Dynamo
If you’re killing time up in Caroline
Hop on a plane to see you
Where the red lights rolling in your eyes
She won’t ever leave you blue
See an open door the one you’re looking for
Go ahead and push through
When you’re inside and you’re feeling high
I’m kinda feeling high too

Good lovers too showing you the truth
Step into the light
Everybody knows where the story goes
Let’s enjoy tonight

Everybody knows sometimes you’ve got to hold
A lover that loves back at you
It’s just the way it goes sometimes it’s bought and sold
Before it even gets used
If you're on your own sitting in your home
I’m kinda feeling for you
Just go and hit the the road loosen up your load
And you’ll feel better too

They’re gonna pick on you and deny the truth
Gonna pick some kinda fight
It’s a point of view and any one or two
Just may be right

Dynamo dynamo dynamo is dynamite
Dynamo dynamo dynamo is alright
Dynamo dynamo dynamo is dynamite
Next thing ya know next thing ya know next thing ya know she’s mine
Track Name: Huckleberry Hill
Words & Music by Bruce Anfinson of Last Chance Recordings

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