There was a ringing in my ear, so I went to get the phone
Too late, someone had picked it up; it must have been my clone
I used to make you laugh 'til you were shaking in the knee
I used to make you feel so good, but not as good as he
I felt much closer when we used to stay at home
Instead of sitting in this diner with you talking at my clone
Some stuff about a baby you could not have had alone
Was it him or me? He'll fill me in, 'cause I've been in a zone

Clone, clone clone, clone, clone clone

You told me I was ugly; I didn't like your tone,
So I went out drinking, left you lying with my clone
He's not just a mirage, a reflection, or an elf
He makes it so I can live vicariously through myself
My clone is hard of hearing, so he taught me how to sign
And in silence I could see your eyes and know that you were mine
Lying in my bed, I thought I heard you moan
Was this a sign of something going on between my clone?

Clone, clone clone, clone, clone clone

What's the sound of one hand clapping? What's a clone alone?
He says that I'm the slider, but that he's the whole trombone
I punched him in the eye, for to fighting I am p___e
And I almost heard of his saying he was me and I'm the clone
Sometimes I left thinking, wondering if I'm real
Or just some guy my clone dreamed up to sometimes take the wheel
So I went down to the graveyard; I was looking at my stone
The guy said, "Are you dead yet?" "No, but dig one for my clone"

Clone, clone clone, clone, clone clone



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Skyfoot Boston, Massachusetts

Skyfoot is a powerful jam-rock quartet from Boston, MA. Now in their 8th year, the band has played over 450 shows all across the US. Live shows feature original songs that yield memorable improvised peaks and valleys. If you enjoy the sounds of Phish, Grateful Dead, you’ll be very happy you discovered Skyfoot. ... more


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