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3​.​14​.​20 - Norwood, MA - Castle Island Brewery

by Skyfoot

Lovin' Kind 08:10
Sugarcane down to the roots Soaking rain down to the boots What’s your name what’cha got to lose What’s a train without a caboose Lately you’ve been on my mind Lady you’re the lovin’ kind Lately you’ve been on my mind Lady you’re the lovin’ kind Lovin’ kind Lovin’ kind, you’re the love I’ll be honest I’ve been hiding the truth But you were on it like a sleuth Like a comet out there all alone You’re the only one I want baby, please come home
When I get up early just to go to work When I get up early put my pants and shirt on Well I guess I’m gonna get another job I got home early and my girl was gone She was hangin’ with another little one Well I guess I’m gonna get another bun I got arrested yesterday They put me in handcuffs and they took me away Well I guess I’m gonna have to get away I’m getting old and my days are done I’m getting old I’ve had a pretty good run Well I guess I’m gonna get another one
It don’t matter where your from Only matters where you’re goin’, where you’re goin’ Side steppin trouble all along the way Something is out there so they say, so they say Run while you still can Reach out and take my hand Come on, follow me down Get up and leave this town Dust will never settle here You been cryin’ out all these years, all these years Daddy is a pistol, he’s a son of a gun The hammer is a locked and your ready to run, ready to run
Everybody have a good time tonight We got the brother right there and he don’t care so We gonna have a good time tonight Everybody in the party go real hardy When they all have a good time tonight Got police in the corner of the place to be And they can’t see so have a good time If you don’t wanna know what it is to be sad Then go and have a good time tonight Have a good time Feelin’ alright on a weekday night Got some music that I’m gonna put on Get out of the kitchen and get your legs twitchin’ And dance to the familiar song We shant be alone when we’re in the zone A funky beat is all we need Radio on and you’re singin’ along And the record never skippin’ a beat
Take Time 12:01
Checkin’ off the days Cruisin’ the time Ain’t no change in my ways Never stoppin’ to sip the wine Like the old man in the mountain We all fall down Quit all your countin’ Can’t turn the days around Take time, take time, headin’ for the finish line Gonna be alright Don’t mind, don’t mind finishing a bit behind Gonna get there just fine, if I take my time Well the journey is long Really don’t take no time at all Runnin’ a marathon Lucky to be standin’ tall Like the old man in the mountain We all fall down Quit all your countin’ No second time around Appreciate the world Dance away the day Lay awhile And leave some room for space
There was a ringing in my ear, so I went to get the phone Too late, someone had picked it up; it must have been my clone I used to make you laugh 'til you were shaking in the knee I used to make you feel so good, but not as good as he I felt much closer when we used to stay at home Instead of sitting in this diner with you talking at my clone Some stuff about a baby you could not have had alone Was it him or me? He'll fill me in, 'cause I've been in a zone Clone, clone clone, clone, clone clone You told me I was ugly; I didn't like your tone, So I went out drinking, left you lying with my clone He's not just a mirage, a reflection, or an elf He makes it so I can live vicariously through myself My clone is hard of hearing, so he taught me how to sign And in silence I could see your eyes and know that you were mine Lying in my bed, I thought I heard you moan Was this a sign of something going on between my clone? Clone, clone clone, clone, clone clone What's the sound of one hand clapping? What's a clone alone? He says that I'm the slider, but that he's the whole trombone I punched him in the eye, for to fighting I am p___e And I almost heard of his saying he was me and I'm the clone Sometimes I left thinking, wondering if I'm real Or just some guy my clone dreamed up to sometimes take the wheel So I went down to the graveyard; I was looking at my stone The guy said, "Are you dead yet?" "No, but dig one for my clone" Clone, clone clone, clone, clone clone
Walking slowly through the snow I feel my veins begin to glow Deprive myself of what I know The silhouette appears to show My body begins to take flight Urging me closer towards the light Pulled aboard the UFO Leaping above the mountain Topographic prominence in one hop As far as eyes can see reveal The light within your soul is real My body begins to take flight Lifting me higher than a kite Gravity theories nowhere in sight Urging me closer towards the light Mescacybin Psilolin tea time’s coming round again Fungi vision in your head turning leaves from green to red Out of body out of mind giving vision to the blind Is there heaven is there hell, Mushroom Jesus rings a bell Rings a bell
Well you know got it this time I feel it in my bones Just one more shot and then I can go home You don’t gotta stay but I sure as hell will Stay all night long till I’ve had my fill What’cha gonna do when it’s all gone, what’cha gonna do Never in the same spot for too long follow the wind like a song Brings you to the ground and before you know it it’s all gone This life it ain’t no good but then again well none of them are Treat numbers like a gospel and odds like the stars You come up and then down like an oil rig from the ground Ain’t no such thing as winning it’s just a pendulum swingin’ around Says he got a mind to roll the dice well bud what is your name All your whole life long has been leading you to this here game
Wish that I was on ol' Rocky Top Down in the Tennessee hills Ain't no smoggy smoke on Rocky Top Ain't no telephone bills Once I had a girl on Rocky Top Half bear, other half cat Wild as a mink, but sweet as soda pop I still dream about that Rocky Top, you'll always be home sweet home to me Good ol' Rocky Top Rocky Top, Tennessee Rocky Top, Tennessee Once two strangers climbed ol' Rocky Top Lookin' for a moonshine still Strangers ain't come down from Rocky Top Reckon they never will Corn won't grow at all on Rocky Top Dirt's too rocky by far That's why all the folks on Rocky Top Get their corn from a jar I’ve had years of cramped-up city life Trapped like a duck in a pen All I know is it’s a pity life Can’t be simple again
Maybe So 14:15
It’s night but you just can’t sleep Cryin’ but you just can’t weep And the dog days of summer are gone Days are gone, days are gone Look inside my friend Turn yourself back on Cause the light you have ain’t gone It ain’t gone, no the light ain’t gone Just wanna let you know Ya, I don’t wanna let you go Don’t let darkness get too low Maybe so we can see the light If you want I will be right there If you don’t I will disappear Baby make up your mind maybe one last time Like the rain when the sky is clear If love ain’t gonna happen for me Than it sure better happen for you Lucky to find you, stumbling blindly on through Just to get to you
My Grandpa 12:07
My grandpa my grandpa traveled the world but never Arkansas My grandpa my grandpa sure could cook a mean pad thai My grandpa my grandpa spent some time in Bogota, Columbia My grandpa my grandpa sure was good with the ol’ chainsaw My grandpa was my grandma, that’s one thing I wish I never done did saw My grandpa my grandpa looked just like George Bernard Shaw My Grandpa my grandpa earned his stripes in the second world war My Grandpa my grandpa never shot no deputy Traveled the world but never Arkansas
ABQ 26:09
Get in it how do you move You drive wandering routes My eyes stare at the road and My heart carries the load Cool rush flash in my veins Too much devil remains This dream waits to arise Suspended for the surprise You’ve done it what more can you prove Vengeance is coming to you My head feels like it floats And my arms carried you home Mr. White, what do you say This blue I forget the name Feels like fire following rain Like night over and over again
You are you are so many little things to me The sand so dark burying the beach Bizarre bizarre all these little things I breathe Sea star sea star swimming in the sea Cancel my plans for today I'm taking a trip far away My body bends and breaks Over little things I can't control You are you are so many little things to me You are you are so many little things to me
The Flow 11:38
Runnin’ on through these streets of freaks Drippin’ ice cream all over the loot that we seek None of these people are even really people at all As I see the scene it stared back and something happened to my spleen See you on the other side with the friends you've sewn Before the sun go down gonna turn that frown upside down Take you to the lot see if we can find the flow All the signs say go but the fence is too high and were to low See you on the other side with the friends you've sewn Even if you ain't got no dough We will make it to the show
Mighty Mo' 09:25
Fare thee well to the land we leave behind Nothin’ like floating the river in the summertime Pick a partner, pick a boat, pick a paddle and start to float I wanna see where this river goes Tryin’ to make it to the Gulf of Mexico Oh, river roll, comin’ are you going that’s all I really wanna know Oh, Mighty Mo’ comin’ down the river that’s all I really need to know Tryin’ to make it to the Gulf Of Mexico Mysterious sorta way about the Mighty Mo’ How that old river runs wide and slow WIth the headwinds & heavy breeze And the mud is up to your knees You could be here for awhile Remember where you are and you just smile Get down, down the river Harder in the summer when the headwinds blow Get down, down the river Harder in the summer when the headwinds blow Get down, down the river Paddled all night ‘til the red sun rose Get down, down the river By the moonlight 'til the red sun rose Next stop, ol’ St. Louis, gonna have a look and see Whippin’ wind blew right through us Come along and walk with me Last night I awoke, the ol’ coyote sang a song to me Last night he was howlin’ Get to St. Louis meet the good Lord


Thanks to J. Cable for taping the show. Last show before the quarantine of 2020.


released March 14, 2020


1.Lovin' Kind
2.Brosiah Man Dow
3.Follow Me Down
4.Everybody Have A Good Time Tonight
5.Take Time


1.Mushroom Jesus>
2.Whatcha Gonna Do
3.Rocky Top >
4.Maybe So
5.My Grandpa >
7.Little Things
8.The Flow >
9.Mighty Mo'

*w/ Dan Kelly

Aaron Morey-Drums/Vocals
Eric McEwen-Key/Vocals
Tyler Arnott-Guitar/Vocals
James Taylor-Bass/Vocals


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Skyfoot Boston, Massachusetts

Skyfoot is a powerful jam-rock quartet from Boston, MA. Now in their 8th year, the band has played over 450 shows all across the US. Live shows feature original songs that yield memorable improvised peaks and valleys. If you enjoy the sounds of Phish, Grateful Dead, you’ll be very happy you discovered Skyfoot. ... more


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